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          1. Mabang, so that employees are more focused than you

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            Mabang ERP is the flagship product of Shanghai Yin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. It is a cross-border e-commerce ERP software built by a professional team of 15 years of e-commerce experience and has been focusing on e-commerce services. Currently provides management services such as order management, logistics management, product management, customer service management, purchasing management, warehouse management, sales management and other whole process, various characteristics of tools to meet the different needs of sellers。

            Mabang ERP SaaS cut into the service export cross-border electricity supplier sellers, sellers access to overseas e-commerce platform to optimize product selection, reduce logistics costs and expand sales channels. We use the docking with the global e-commerce platform to help cross-border sellers achieve one-stop, cross-platform, multi-Shop management, is committed to creating efficient management methods and solutions。

            Currently docked platform

            • ebay:registered will be provided after registered fast track
            • Amazon:registered will be provided after registered fast track
            • Wish:registered will be provided after registered fast track
            • AliExpress:registered will be provided after registered fast track
            • Dunhuang
            • lazada
            • Cdiscount:registered will be provided after registered fast track
            • Linio
            • TopHatter
            • kilimall
            • shopify
            • shopee
            • 1688
            • Joom
            • JD International
            • E shop treasure
            • BigCommerce
            • MyMall
            • Shopyy
            • Jumia
            • Jolly
            • Ezbuy
            • Magento
            • Walmart
            • Yandex
            • VOVA
            • Woocommerce
            • Oberlo
            • ZoodMall
            • PrestaShop
            • JDID
            • Shoplazza
            • xshoppy
            • mercadolibre


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